Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Update - Banana boat has arrived!!!!

My wife has just brought the post home (there is no postal delivery service here).

Usually, it's 3-week old junk mail or threatening demands for unpaid bills.

But tonight was a fabulous surprise.  Nordic Walking friends had sent me a parcel of (confectionery) bananas, in a unique banana holder.

Banana guard

And wrapped round each banana were touching messages from the UK, wishing us luck in the Falklands!  What a brilliant idea!

I'm almost lost for words.  I'll read through all the messages and send thanks personally.  But, in the meantime, I need to correct the previous blog.....

"Yes!  We now have bananas!!"

Miss you all,



  1. Happy to hear that the bananas arrived. I am puzzled by yet another 'banana' arrival - our university minister (David Willett) is due to visit the Falklands today - why? I am unaware of any great academic reason and can only assume it is political re Argentina! Are you all feeling jumpy?

    1. Willetts was visiting British Antarctic Survey bases in Antarctica. Government money keeps teams of scientists beavering about there, with several expensive planes and ships to support them. I met a krill scientist and the IT support guy (Jeremy, in the Orca photo) from BAS on Sea Lion Island. They were having some R&R after 2 months onboard James Clark Ross. What a life!

  2. Hi Peter and 'the wife', Hope this works! I'm enjoying the blog very much. Hadn't realised that there were so many different types of Penguins - can't wait to meet a few!

    1. Hi Bx! Yes, it works. Glad you're enjoying it. Yes, there are about 17 species, with 5 seen in the Falklands. All different. When are you visiting penguins? And where?

    2. Doh! Hi Bx. Annie's just explained who you are! Thanks for getting in touch. Look forward to showing you round! Peter