Friday, 22 February 2013

News from 51 degrees South

[Occasional observations on life in the Falkland Islands, from an expat living in Stanley]

 No great theme this week - just a few snippets.....
Striated Caracara, Sea Lion Island

Personal ad. in Penguin News -  - online subscription is good value.)

"The Falkland Islands are a special place in the midst of the turmoil of this world.
We are grateful to Stanley Police station for their outstanding contribution to the sense of security enjoyed by our families (and to recover our stolen car radio)".

In light of the horse / beef scandal in Europe, one of the Supermarkets in Stanley has taken out a full-page advert to reassure customers that they can trust  the food they buy from the store ......

"..all our products contain no horse meat."
Cod Fillet - "100% Cod.  No traces of seahorse"
Radishes - "100% Radish: contains no horseradish"
Lambs Navy Rum - "We would like to assure customers that Red Rum has been removed from sale".
Any guesses what this queue in Stanley is for?
Last night, I attended a talk from the team who re-created the famous journey of Sir Ernest Shackleton.  They used, as far as possible, the same kit, clothes, and food as the 1914 expedition, which set out to walk across Antarctica.  It was truly amazing what they went through - an 800-mile sail in a small boat, then crossing a mountain range covered in glaciers and crevasses.
For more details of the incredible journey, see here >
and watch out for the documentary from Discovery Channel.
Also in Penguin News are numerous notices for job vacancies.....
Vacancies in the Falklands Islands Government -
Deputy Head Teacher (Infant and Junior School)
Part-time Cook
Part-time Home Help
Female Prison Officer
Accounting Assistant
Government House Admin Officer

Rockhopper penguin waiting for his new, waterproof plumage

Non-Government Vacancies -
Customer Service Assistants
Office Manager
Warehouse Assistants
Chef at Sea Lion Lodge
Finance Support Officer (MOD)
Business Support Officer (MOD)
(The MOD (Ministry of Defence) jobs are based at Mount Pleasant, 35 miles from Stanley)
Maintenance/Security person for the docks
Part-time cleaners and gardeners.
Falklands Islands TV are looking for - News Reporter/ Presenter; Camera Operator/Editor.

And a 38-room extension is planned for the Malvina House Hotel.

So, it seems the economy is doing well, despite the weather causing problems for cruise ships anchoring in the harbour.  More news soon.


  1. I know I know what they are queuing up for, can I tell? (I know it's cheating as I was there)Bx

    1. Ok, you can tell, Bx. But no prize, as you cheated.