Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Local activities

Back in the Falkland Islands after our recent travels to the UK and South America, my wife and I are settling into the more mundane, but still enjoyable, aspects of life here.

Ramblers / rock climbers. Mts William and Tumbledown in the distance.
September has seen a lot of rain - the most in the month for 25 years - so it was uplifting to be able to walk in the sunshine on Sunday.  The local Ramblers group set off from Stanley about 9.30, and reached the parking spot about 10 minutes later!
Lunch on the beach
Although very close to Stanley, this is relatively quiet area, due, possibly, to presence of minefields.  These lethal legacies of the 1982 war with Argentina are gradually being removed.  The government has just announce a new £2,000,000 programme, funded by the UK Foreign Office, which should remove another 4 minefields, and open up more land for more productive use.  In any case, we had a very enjoyable ramble, and watched dolphins just a few yards from the beach.
Intricate craftwork
For those who prefer indoor activities, there is a thriving and talented group of people who continue traditional crafts such as, knitting, spinning, weaving, felting, quilting, sewing, embroidery, etc, etc.  The annual Craft Fair exhibiting their creations was held in the Community School at the weekend.  Photos cannot do justice to the skill and patience involved in producing these practical works of art.
Felt penguins
As well as woollen products, there are categories for painting, photography (believe me, the standard is high!), miniature models, and even works made from from sea-shells or driftwood.  All very impressive, and a good way to keep busy when the Winter nights are long and there's no cinema!

We now await the Spring when lambing will begin, and thousands of wild birds and mammals return from the sea to breed on the islands.

I hear the first Elephant Seal pup of the year has been born on Sealion Island.  I'm going there at the weekend and will report back soon.



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