Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Penguins - panda party poo-pers....

Looks like it's all kicking off at Edinburgh Zoo....

Crowds at Edinburgh Zoo waiting to see the new "star" arrivals - 2 Giant Pandas from China - have been subject to an unforeseen shower of guano as they waited below the penguin enclosure.

Relaxing Rockhopper penguins, Falkland Islands

Rockhopper penguins have been observing visitors queuing to see the pandas, and have done what comes naturally to penguins....

Cool Rockhopper
These Zoo penguins are imported from the Falkland Islands, and have been the star attraction at Edinburgh Zoo for about 100 years, with their daily Penguin Parade around the zoo site.
3 tenors
For more information about the Zoo and its penguins - go here -
Rocky and cormorant
For more information about the Falklands and its penguin, keep coming here, or read Penguin News....

This is a marvellous site with tons of information about the wildlife around the Southern Ocean. Did you know   penguins from the Falklands swim 1200 miles to feed in Antarctica???

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