Wednesday, 21 December 2011

"War of attrition with Argentina"

Looks like it's all kicking off in the South Atlantic ....
Rare Striated Caracara or Jonny Rook

A Falklands MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) has strong views on the current actions taken by Argentina and other South American countries.

Meanwhile, South America bans Falklands shipping.....

A South American association, Mercuro, the South American customs union has decided to ban Falklands Islands shipping from its ports.  It's not clear the impact of this just yet, but it is another step towards upsetting the inhabitants of the Falklands.

And now Argentina has become Chair of of Mercuro for 6 months, it is likely to lead to further restrictions on Falklands trade.

Recently, Spanish ships had to be given escorts by the Urugayan navy to protect them from the Argentine Navy, when heading to fishing grounds around the Falklands....(Argentina regards it as illegal fishing in their waters...)

Maybe the Duchess of Cambridge should head for Buenos Aires to do some shopping and mending fences with the locals, while her husband is flying helicopters on the Falklands?

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