Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Sky At Night, and morning

Just a quick update as the skies have been amazing this week.  They have stayed clear, and there are 4 planets visible to the naked eye, some even after sunrise, which is around 9am.  And there is virtually no pollution, the Falklands being so far from any industry.   There are not even vapour trails from aircraft.  So, there are some positives to the long winter nights.....
Dawn over a remote British outpost
Jupiter and Venus are low in the east  before dawn, and Saturn and Mars are in the evening sky (sunset is around 5pm).
Sunset in June - midwinter
This morning, as I was trying to spot Jupiter and Venus, I watched what looked like a star traverse the sky above Stanley from west to east.

Talking to some locals, it seems that the Falklands is a great place to watch the International Space Station orbit the Earth at a height of 330 miles, and travelling at 17,000 mph!

Dawn Turkey Vulture
 And as the sun rose, the colours were breathtaking.  The photos can't do it justice.   Also appearing in the sky were the local Turkey Vultures, setting off to clean the streets and gardens.
Today's  dawn display
If you want to see the Space Station, this site might help -

You can change the city to one near you.  Hope you have clear skies!

Enjoying the warmth of the engine!

Somewhat easier to spot around Stanley are the scores of horses that graze on common land.  As I found, stopping near them sends them the signal that food is on the way, and it is tricky to get away again.  Some even use the the engine warmth to make up for the lack of coat!

I have a friend who loves horses, and she would be in heaven here.


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