Monday, 2 July 2012

Sunset, sunrise and more horses....

The last month has had some great weather - mostly fine, stable and cold.  The main exception being the morning of Liberation Day (14th June) when the assembled troops, bands, Veterans, locals and visitors endured heavy, driven snow.  As usual, the weather was completely different in the afternoon!
Stanley Growers' Union Flag on dawn of Liberation Day
 I've had to scrape ice off the car windscreen most mornings, and on one occasion discovered that the ice wasn't clearing as it was mostly inside the car!
 The skies have been amazing, too.  Stunning dawns and sunsets most days.  And the night skies have delighted anyone who cares to look up.
For more details of what's up there, try here >
Dawn, 9am,  28th June
This week has given the opportunity to see Mars (clearly pinkish to the naked eye)  and Saturn in the evening, and Jupiter and Venus shining brightly for an hour or so before Dawn (around 9am).
Venus and Jupiter in pre-dawn sky
 And while casually watching the planets one morning, we spotted the International Space Station, zooming across the sky at 17,000mph....
The start of 30th June
Below are various views of Stanley and environs.  As it is now July, I have a new month's allocation of internet usage and will not be able to use it all, so am loading up many photos this week, while I can!  Most don't need any comment from me.  Enjoy.
Silver lining

Dusk of Liberation Day

Bedroom view - west

Bedroom view - east
Liberation Monument
The Liberation Monument this morning at 8am, with Venus and Jupiter shining bright.

Two Sisters

Icy pond

A dusting of snow on the dunes....
Horses on common, near airport

Typical Falklands potholed road, near Stanley Harbour

Looking for food, but carrots are £1 each!

Stanley Harbour and hills in distance
Two Sisters
Liberation Monument
Lady Elizabeth sunset
The days are getting longer, so hopefully warmer weather is on the way.  We're off soon to warmer places in South America.  Back in August...

Happy Birthday tomorrow, Sophie - don't eat too many cakes!


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  1. I wondered at the comment about spare Internet usage this month and thought "Aye up, he's off again!"
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